How Can You Find the Right Straightener for Your Hair?


Whether you’re searching through Beyond the Beauty or on your own, you’re likely to find what seems like an endless supply of flat irons on the market today. So, which are the best hair straighteners out there to consider? Here at Beyond the Beauty, we want to make sure everyone can make the most of choosing the right products and tools to make the most of their beauty routine. A hair straightener is an extremely important tool for a lot of people, so how can you make sure you’re using the right one?
Your Iron Reflects Your Type
Hair straighteners can be used on both your natural hair, or Remy hair extensions, but the bottom line is the same; your straightener should be a perfect fit for the type of hair you’re trying to iron. Not all hair is created equally, as you might know. Your straightener should work with your hair type, not against it. If you don’t have the right straightener for your type, you run the risk of actually damaging your hair. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the details you should consider, based on the kind of hair you already have.
Thick, Coarse Hair
If you have hair on the thicker side, you’ll first want to consider the plate material of your straightener. Ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline would all work very well. The plate size itself shouldn’t be exceedingly thick - no larger than 2” inches. Finally, choose a straightener with a temperature gauge you can control. For thick hair, you’ll want the temperature to be somewhere between 380-420 degrees.
The same rules apply if you have medium hair (somewhere between thick and thin), or if you have a slight wave to your hair. The plate materials and width of the plate should be the same. However, for medium hair, you’ll want to lower the temperature you use. Somewhere between 320-380 degrees should work perfectly to fit your needs.
Thin, Fine Hair
Having thin hair while using a flat iron might seem somewhat dangerous, but with the right straightener and the right temperature, it’s perfectly safe and extremely effective. In fact, straightening thin hair is very easy, because it doesn’t take much heat, and you can virtually use any size plate! The most important thing here is to make sure you’re using the right type of plate; ceramic is usually best, as it heats evenly and won’t burn your hair. Just make sure you’re not heating the iron over 360 degrees, or you could do some damage, depending on how fine your hair really is.
Keep in mind that since no two heads of hair are alike, there is no ‘one size fits all’ for straighteners. Take the time to do your research when it comes to finding the right flat iron to fit your needs. Not only will you protect your hair in the process, but you’ll end up with the ability to get a better result than you could have ever imagined.